Place – Block Island/Day 3

Can you spot the deer watching us from the meadow in Rodman’s Hollow?

Day three was overcast and gray, but that wasn’t such a bad thing; we decided to hike the mile through Rodman’s Hollow and walk along the beach below it’s bluffs.  Hiking beneath cloudy skies is easier than trudging along in blazing sunshine and heat. This nature walk and the descent down the side of the bluff to the beach is not for the fainthearted. The climb is a bit dicey, but worth it to Joe and I, so we carefully picked our way down the steep trail.  The view of homes on the bluffs is one of my favorite sights on the island.

It’s interesting to watch the homes come into focus as we walk towards them.

After we scaled the bluff again, and hiked back to the car, the day deteriorated into heavy showers. Luckily for us the Olympics were on all afternoon. We watched the Games and Events and tried out every box and bag of snacks we brought with us: cheese puffs, candy bars, jelly belly beans, peanut butter crackers, potato chips, Pepperidge Farm Chessman cookies and goldfish.

I woke up in the middle of the night and got out of bed to take this picture of the moonlight shining through the dark and gloomy clouds. It was quite the eerie atmosphere. (Or could my mood have been affected by too many sweets eaten during the day?)

Place – Block Island/Day 2

Day two dawned gorgeous with the promise of blue skies and sunshine. We decided to explore Grace’s Cove and Dorie’s Cove. I was on a quest to find stones shaped like hearts, a favorite pastime of mine on the beach. While we were walking we came upon this small beach hut made of scavenged materials: driftwood, lobster cages, rocks, rope…anything and everything that washes up on the sand was used. I always find these impromptu shelters interesting.

We also stopped and watched as a group riding horses along the edge of the waves passed us on the beach.

Here are a few of the heart-shaped stones I found during our stay.

Place – Point Judith and Block Island, Rhode Island – Day One

Last week we began our week-long vacation on Block Island, Rhode Island. To beat New York traffic, we leave from our New Jersey home at 2:00 AM. Yes, it’s early, and yes, we are usually very tired by the time we pull into the ferry parking lot at Point Judith.

Joe waiting in line to drive the car in reverse onto the ferry. I’m glad he is the one to navigate this task, and I am able to board the ferry to find a table with a good window and view.

The ferry always takes off right on time. We enjoy watching the fishing boats and jetty as we begin the hour-long ferry ride to Block Island.

Soon the beautiful bluffs of Block Island (New Shoreham, RI) come into view.

Within a half hour of arriving on the island we were on West Beach, enjoying the day, and even catching up on a bit of the sleep we missed.

I enjoyed talking to this young guy who had collected quite a few mussels and was building a fire pit for cooking them. He planned to steam them in some white wine and butter inside a large tomato can. By the time he had built the large pit he had already drank the wine, and decided to cook the mussels in butter alone. I didn’t have a chance to ask him how they turned out, but I bet they were amazingly good.

Our next stop was checking in at the home we stay at while we are on the island. The Upstairs is a such a lovely place to spend our week. It is built on a beautiful piece of land overlooking a conservation property. While we were out on the balcony the first night Joe pointed out this beautiful rainbow in the sky. What a great way to start our time on the island. A few raindrops are welcome when they paint one of God’s masterpieces in the sky.

We were blessed with even more of God’s beautiful works of wonder as we watched the sun set from the balcony off of our room.

To view information for “The Upstairs,” check out this link:  The Upstairs on Block Island.