Play – Sabbath Day


I delight in the Sabbath Day. I rejoice in worshipping God our Father on this day of the week he has set aside as holy. It is also a day he asks us to rest. I enjoy the day of rest by forgoing everyday, monotonous tasks and playing a little. Some of my favorite ‘playgrounds’ are the many sites around the web that allow for photo tweaking. The photo above started out rather tame as a still life of one of my Willow Tree Angels amid a patch of ivy in my backyard. The photo was tweaked through the free site LunaPic. I used one of their art filters to alter the appearance of my photograph. It’s easy to upload a photograph and play with it. Have a blessed Sabbath!


Click here to visit LunaPic.

Phun and Play – Scattering Paint with a Straw

Once again, I made good use of the Pinterest Boards and found a “phun” project for the grandsons. Materials: paper, googly eyes and other lightweight decorations, markers, washable paints (we used Crayola brand) and a straw.

Using a measuring spoon I doled out about 1/4 tsp of two paint colors onto the paper, fairly close together. The boys then blew on the paint through the straws to move the paint in every direction. The colors blended together forming a third color. Because wet paint acts as a glue when it dries, we added our decorations: pompoms, googly eyes, foam stickers while the paint was wet.

When the “creatures”were dried we drew arms and legs. The boys had a great time making this project. It was challenging enough to keep the six year old interested and easy enough for the three year old to do without feeling frustrated. SO MUCH PHUN!!!

Play – Posterboard Racetrack

This is a poster board racetrack my grandsons and I recently crafted together. They had such fun as we used a book for a template to mark off the width. I loved what my older grandson said as we measured, “Nanny we can use a book as a tool too.”

We bent up the edges, held the pieces together with strapping tape, and decorated with countless stickers. The racetrack was ready to try out. It is a bit flimsy, pillows and hassocks double as support structures, but it provided hours of fun this week as Matchbox cars raced down its length.

Place and Play – Block Island Day 5

I am not much of a beach bather, but I am an absolutely avid beachcomber. The evidence sits on shelves in my garage. Stacked in boxes and bins are hundreds of pieces of driftwood, seashells, sea glass and even fishing lures that have washed up on the beaches I visit. I also enjoy creating cairns (more on these tomorrow) and stone sea nymphs. Here are a few pictures of this year’s creations. I named the photo above “Three Sisters.” I am a part of that three sister trio. I am the stone maiden on the right. My sister Amy is on the left, and sister Sue is in the middle.

I also really enjoyed putting together the bride and groom beneath the driftwood arch. Fun! Yes, it’s true…I will never grow up.

Play – Swings!

Papa loved the new disc swing so much he wouldn’t give anyone else a turn on it. Just kidding though…big boys and little boys, and even Nanny (me) loved the new swing.

This project was so easy to do. Find a sturdy tree limb, buy a wooden disc at the lumber store, drill a large hole, string a strong rope and tie it onto the tree limb. Voila! A terrific swooping swing.

Play and Pinterest – Magnifying glasses and Painting Feet

I know I’ve mentioned it before, and I’m sure I will mention it again, but one of my favorite sites on the Internet is Pinterest. I have found so many good ideas there for fun projects and activities to do with my grandsons. Here is a link to my Grandkids Fun board.

Pinterest Link: Grandkids Fun on PINTEREST

We’ve been working on creating pictures using paint on their feet. It’s a “ticklish” business and so much FUN!!!


The beginnings of “Butterflies.”

Play – Shake, Rattle and Roll, or, The Pleasure of a Big Box

Joe brought a big, empty box home from work. Our grandsons were spending the afternoon and quickly took charge of the box.

Papa closed “the doors” and shook the box all around the yard. The grandsons spilled out laughing, and shouting, “Do it again, Papa!” Papa complied and spun the box again, and again, and again.

Our oldest grandson’s pronouncement on the fun, “It’s better than a carnival ride.” What a FUN afternoon!

Papa, happy too, but all tuckered out.