Phlowers – Blooming This Week/FOTD

Bittercress is a wild edible. Cardamine hirsuta, the genus name, is a member of the cress family.

The small weedy plant grows everywhere in my yard. When I weed in early spring, I always wear goggles or a pair of glasses if wild cress is growing in my garden beds. It has a peculiar habit of exploding seedpods when touched, and I’ve had them hit me full in the face while weeding. I don’t want one to scratch my cornea so I am always careful to wear eye protection when they are in their seed stage.

The flower of garden cress is smaller than a dime. Garden cress is a perfect micro-green. Maybe this year I’ll save some of those exploding pods and grow it in the house over winter for salads.

Dependable yellow crocuses are blooming in the gardens this week. Every year they are my first bulb plant to burst out of their buds. They are this week’s entry into Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge.

Perspective – Betwixt & Between


Betwixt and Between – “Undecided, midway between two alternatives, neither here nor there.” The Free Dictionary

Winter is waning, but still trying to hold us in the grip of its icy fingers. Spring is attempting to become a reality and turn Winter into nothing but a bad memory. Who is winning? I hope it is Spring, but this past week has been a dilly of an example of living in the “Betwixt and Between.”


The sun has begun to shine as if it means business.


The volleyball court at the local park resembles a pond,


The sidewalk resembles a stream.


The skunk cabbages, regardless of the snowy surroundings, are thrusting their folded leaves toward the sky.


Yesterday, after the snow finally disappeared, the crocus opened their golden blooms and the birds began singing “The Hallelujah Chorus.” I am joining in with a few “Hallelujahs” of my own. Welcome Spring, you can’t arrive soon enough for me.

Pressed Flowers – First Flowers of 2014/Crocus


Oh Happy Day! Crocus are blooming in my side garden. How exciting to have something to press with a little bit of color to it.

I press crocus in two ways, open and cup-shaped. To press a crocus in an open position gently press the petals flat to reveal the pollen stems. I pressed these flowers between the pages of acid-free paper in a weighted down book.