Plants & Pleasure – Wonderful Wednesday/Gourds


I’ve tried to grow birdhouse gourds many times over the years. Unfortunately, my efforts usually produce small or mid-sized fruit. Often the developing gourds have rotted on the vine. This year I was determined to try again. I sowed the seeds indoors for an earlier start, and instead of planting them in the ground, I placed the plantlets in pots of very rich soil.


The pots rest beneath the trumpet vine outside my kitchen window. The sturdy trunk of the trumpet vine provides natural support for the upward climb of the gourd plants. The vine has reached the top of my garage roof now. I am hoping that the heat of the roof will help the gourds grow big, bigger, biggest. Even if my strategy doesn’t work…it does my spirit good when I see the small fruits adorning the vine. I’ll update their progress, or hopefully not…their demise. 🙂 Happy Gardening!