Place – Buying Local/Farm Stands and Markets

roadside plant stand

The Brown Farm is located in Heislerville, on the way to the Delaware Bay. The owner sells the ‘odd’ plants I enjoy finding. I was excited to find penstemon, a tall perennial that attracts hummingbirds, and a new variety of purple bee balm. I also bought some butter lettuce, the rosettes so perfect, my husband thought they might be flowers themselves.

roadside plant stand 4

I try to buy from small businesses as often as possible. Plants  and farm roadside stands always draw me in. I am a true believer in the Health Benefits of Eating Local.

roadside plant stand 3

Searching out new places to stop and chat with the owners is one of the joys of our weekends.

roadside plant stand 2

Paths – Heislerville, Delaware Bay, Bird Nesting Grounds Part One


We camped last night and traveled on today to Heislerville, NJ, on the Delaware Bay. As we approached we were intrigued by an odd looking island of dead trees. As we drove closer we realized the strange growths on the tree limbs were actually nesting herons and egrets. I have never seen a sight quite like it in all the years of my life. There were bird-watchers along the road with large cameras and binoculars. It really was a spectacular sight.


Here is an example of one of the birds nesting on the island, a great white egret.



There were other birds in the vicinity too, some lovely swans, and smaller shore birds. Also, as always, the ever-present gulls and their raucous cries. The experience of the shore would not be complete for me without the sound of gulls in the air.