Place – Buying Local/Farm Stands and Markets

roadside plant stand

The Brown Farm is located in Heislerville, on the way to the Delaware Bay. The owner sells the ‘odd’ plants I enjoy finding. I was excited to find penstemon, a tall perennial that attracts hummingbirds, and a new variety of purple bee balm. I also bought some butter lettuce, the rosettes so perfect, my husband thought they might be flowers themselves.

roadside plant stand 4

I try to buy from small businesses as often as possible. Plants  and farm roadside stands always draw me in. I am a true believer in the Health Benefits of Eating Local.

roadside plant stand 3

Searching out new places to stop and chat with the owners is one of the joys of our weekends.

roadside plant stand 2

4 thoughts on “Place – Buying Local/Farm Stands and Markets

    1. I am starting to enjoy…before the treats to eat…the flowers to plant. We will probably miss out on all strawberries, blueberries and peaches this year though…the April snowstorm destroyed many of the crops.


  1. Kathy,
    I loved this post and the photos- so much of greenery- sight for sore eyes.
    Do you grow blueberries too ?
    I read today that this is a plant which can be easily grown in a pot.
    Please post pictures of your new plants.

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    1. Hi Susie, It is a sweet little farm stand. You would like the owner too. A nice farm with chickens behind those trees, and we also saw a goat off the side. There was music playing on a loudspeaker, and the owner came out and gave us some tips about the plants we grow. When she heard I enjoyed drawing butterflies and hummingbirds to my yard she made some suggestions. I buy at big stores too, but I enjoy the nice exchange of ideas when I find a smaller shop or stand to buy from.

      I don’t have blueberries, but my sister does. She has a bigger property, right here in my town, and is able to have bee hives and quite a few orchard trees. The trees she has put in are thriving and look ready to begin producing fruit.

      We have had very bad weather this Spring, and many fruit-producing plants and trees were blighted by an unexpected snowstorm in April. Hopefully, there will be a few miracles and we will have some of the fruits we love so much in this area.

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