Photo Challenge – Weather Vane Wednesday/Come Sail With Me

We went fishing last weekend in Fortescue, New Jersey. I found this sailboat weathervane near one of the beaches.
Right around the corner I found another sailboat weather vane, a little worse for wear, the front sail had blown away in the winds off of the bay.
I had several good surprises on our fishing adventure. My husband had called ahead to Higbee’s Bait and Tackle and asked them to hold onto a surf fishing rod I had once admired there. The rod is an early birthday present.
It’s almost twice my size and WONDERFUL! I caught three fish with it. They were small, but one day I hope to post a BIG fish story here. I will share the second surprise later in the week…I’ll give you a hint, it has wings! Thanks to those who took part in last week’s #Weathervaneweds Challenge: ‘This Made Me Smile Today’ for the Buffalo Weather Vane. Also to ‘The 59 Club’ for Flight Training I also have The 59 Club’s permission to include their Weather Vane Video here:
Thanks so much to everyone who takes part in the Weather Vane Wednesday Challenge.

Pleasures – Sea Glass/Beach Glass Part I

Sea Glass

“Glass from inland waterways such as the Chesapeake Bay and the Great Lakes is known as beach glass. It is similar to sea Glass , but in the absence of wave rigor and oceanic saline, content is typically less weathered.” Wikipedia Sea Glass/Beach Glass


After years of collecting sea glass/beach glass from the Atlantic Ocean, Chesapeake and Delaware Bays, I’ve decided to create a project and make use of a few pieces of my collection. Most of my glass would be considered Beach Glass. I have had some spectacular finds on the beaches of the Atlantic, but the bulk of what I have has been collected on bay beaches.

I came upon the idea while fishing this past weekend in Fortescue. Inside the café at Higbee’s Bait and Tackle, where by the way you can get the best coffee ever for just a dollar, I spied a piece of driftwood hanging in the window with strings of sea glass attached. I’ve always wanted to string my sea glass, but was daunted by the thought of prepping it first with wrapped wire. Oh my! The easy way the creator of this mobile/wind chime attached the glass is a priceless idea, but that is part II of my post and hopefully, will be published one day this week.