Pressed Flowers – Tips for Pressing and Using Pressed Flowers, Part I

I’ve been pressing flowers almost every day. Spring is prime time to collect smaller leaves and flowers. I will be sharing a few of my pressed flower tips in my blog over the next few days. Here are my first four tips:

Pressed Flower Tip #1 – Make sure all your plant material is completely dry before pressing. Arrange flowers and foliage between pages of blotting paper and place inside a large book. Weigh the book down with something heavy. Use acid free paper if possible. Wait 1 – 3 weeks and your flowers and foliage will be ready to use.

Pressed Flower Tip #2: Use your pressed flowers to create:

Greeting Cards

Scrapbooking Pages







Resin Paperweights


Pressed Flower Tip #3 Gluing your pressed flowers can be a bit tedious. It pays to start with a reliable glue. These are a few I have found to work well. Rubber cement – This is one of my personal favorites but the fumes can be irritating. If you go beyond the edges sometimes the glue will show in your finished composition. Egg white – Whip it up a bit until frothy and use a thin paintbrush to brush on the glue. White glue – Not one of my favorites, but it does work.

Pressed Flower Tip #4 Sometimes after you glue your project down you will find some of the ends of overlapping petals are still not completely flat. These edges need to be glued down.  To apply a small dab of glue beneath the errant petals I use a long floral corsage pin with a drop of glue on the end. The pearl bead on the end makes the pin easy to handle. To find ends of petals that need a dab of glue, lightly blow on the composition and the ends that need a bit of glue will raise up just a fraction, this alerts you to where you need a bit more adhesive.

4 thoughts on “Pressed Flowers – Tips for Pressing and Using Pressed Flowers, Part I

  1. Brandy McCaleb

    I am reading your tips and I so appreciate you taking the time to TEACH us NEWBEES at pressing!

    I started this year, and already am having more fun than any retired SR CITIZEN should have on so little money! LOL! I live in an apartment and have about 20 sq ft of container space…. IN TEXAS. We get the hot blazing sun all afternoon, so watering can be a full time job. 60% of what I have planted are for pressing. My 93 yr old husband MADE me a large wood COMPRESSION presser and it is wonderful to own. I have also tried Microwave pressing (cardboard, acid free paper and rubber bands…weighted down with glass corningware bowls) After nuking them, they go straight under heavy books and 10 lb IRON weights to cool for 48 hours—cardboard and all) Those have turned out nice.

    I make greeting cards for a Ministry as a volunteer… I plan to use my flowers on the cards!


  2. timelesslady

    Hi Brandy, So great to read your comment about pressing flowers. It is one of my favorite activities and as I go through this year and press, press, press, I will add tips. Happy Pressing, Kathy


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