Plants – Hydrangeas

Ah, the simplicity and beauty of blue hydrangea blooms in a white vase. Lovely.

Blue Hydrangeas are at their peak in my New Jersey garden. I look forward to the bloom of these flowering shrubs every year. Best of all, they are long-lasting, and sometimes I manage to pick them at exactly the right moment to dry and enjoy all year.

3 thoughts on “Plants – Hydrangeas

  1. Marisol

    Can you give me advice in how to plant and maintain the plants? I just recieved a pot if hydrangeas and wanted to plant them in my front yard. Any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance.


    1. timelesslady

      Hi Marisol, They don’t like to be planted where they will become hot through the day. Mine seem to prefer bright morning sunshine, and late afternoon shade. I have heard that the alkalinity of the soil determines if they are pink or blue, but I am not sure which, so you might want to check that out on the Internet. If you prune, be very careful not to take too much of the growth because they blossom on old wood. One year I didn’t have many blooms at all because I pruned heavily…but the next year, oh my, all those pruned branches doubled or tripled, and I had a bush loaded with blooms. Good luck, thanks for visiting the blog, and happy Spring to you! Kathy


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