Pressed Flowers – Blue Monday


Pressed Blue Hydrangeas – The secret to capturing these lovely shades of watercolor-like blues and greens is letting the flowers begin to age before you pick them for pressing. When the petals are streaked with many shades of blue and green, and have a papery feel, they are ready to press. Blossoms of hydrangea pressed too soon will quickly brown. I don’t use microwave heat to press hydrangeas, pressing between the pages of older books works best. These beautiful hydrangeas are a little preview of Spring in the midst of Winter.

Posies – Simplicity

sky and such 005

Black-eyed Susan with Vitex (Chastetree) Foliage

Although I have created many complicated bouquets with a wide variety of flowers, I still think the simplicity of one type of flower with some beautiful foliage is the most stunning of all arrangements. Likewise, my favorite verses in the Bible are often simple and to the point and oh so easy to understand.

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (NIV) John 14:6

sky and such 008

Blue Hydrangea Bouquet

sky and such 010

Pink Hydrangea Bouquuet

Plants – Hydrangeas

Ah, the simplicity and beauty of blue hydrangea blooms in a white vase. Lovely.

Blue Hydrangeas are at their peak in my New Jersey garden. I look forward to the bloom of these flowering shrubs every year. Best of all, they are long-lasting, and sometimes I manage to pick them at exactly the right moment to dry and enjoy all year.