Perspective – Wednesday Wisdom/Sharing Who You Are

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A friend gave me magnetic frames for my birthday. They are specially made to hold the drawings of children on the refrigerator. Yesterday I asked my oldest grandson to create a Christmas tree for me so that I could fill the frame.

“I don’t know how to make a Christmas tree,” he said.

A quick remembrance came to me of how I drew Christmas trees as a child. “It’s easy,” I told him, “Just draw triangles, top of the paper to bottom, and make each one just a little bit bigger.”

He grasped the concept instantly, and created this sweet Christmas tree. I love it.

Looking back on the moment I feel joy that I was able to share that small creative memory with him. I have been imagining him in his 50’s someday, saying to his small grandchild, “It’s easy…”

I was blessed to have four amazing grandparents, and doubly blessed to have parents who recognized the importance of them in their children’s lives. We spent holidays and summers with our grandparents, and the person I am now is very much influenced by their presence in my life. I thank God today for all the wonderful people, family and friends both, who have shared their lives and experiences with me. God bless us all in this wonderful season of giving.

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