Pets and Plants – Impromptu Cat Toy

catnip and rusty 005

Rusty, our Maine Coon Cat, has been featured in other posts. Today I am adding a photograph of Rusty with a very impromptu cat toy I made for him. I had a few cardboard spools left over from wire-edged ribbon, so I rolled those on the floor hoping he would chase them. I only received a look of disdain for my efforts, but then…aha… I had a brilliant idea.

catnip and rusty 010

I went outside and pulled a sprig of catnip from the almost dormant plant and placed it inside the cardboard spool. You can just see the tip of the plant in the photograph below.  Ecstasy! Rusty had a patch of sun and a beautiful fragrance to loll in all at the same time. This small bit of recycled cardboard and a hardy piece of catnip made for a blissful afternoon for the cat.

catnip and rusty 009

Thanks so much for your comments. They fill my life with sunshine.

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