Plants – Zinnias

Recharging…Resting…Rejuvenating… In the meantime, I’m re-blogging some of my best garden posts. Happy Spring!


Last Saturday night my husband went to the races. In honor of Mother’s Day the racetrack, and a local garden center, provided a zinnia plant for the mothers present at the race, and for those who stayed home. I was delighted when I found this extra small flower pot on my kitchen table.

I adore zinnias. I think it is genetic. My maternal great-grandmother grew a large bed of zinnias in the summertime. I am named for her, so perhaps, a little extra of who she was lives on in me.

I recently found quite a few zinnia seed packets on sale. I had already planted the larger varieties, 36 inches and taller, throughout my garden. Still, I could not resist the smaller sizes. I bought four packets, and I am full of purpose to place a few in every bare spot I might find in my garden. I am also planning on growing a dozen or so in pots so that when I have the invariable bedding plant catastrophe, I will have a few replacement plants on hand.


Zinnias are a favorite of mine to watercolor.

Image (17)

I love the second ring of yellow flowers lying deep within the larger petals. These small yellow flowers are where the nectar hides. Hummingbirds and butterflies will visit your yard daily, more than once, to sup on this treat. Here are a few of my zinnia reference photographs with some of their visitors. All artists and crafters are welcome to use any of my reference photographs for inspiration. Happy Painting!

August 11 002

August 19, 2011 038

August 19, 2011 059

Copy of Picture 133

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