Planting & Pleasure – Anticipation

I grow the type of garden kind people would label a “tapestry” garden. Acquaintances who are blind to the charms of my flower beds might call it a tad “unruly.” Those who are hard-hearted garden snobs would snort and pronounce my gardening endeavors as being in serious disarray, not well-planned or color-coordinated.

Perhaps all of the above are correct, except for the accusation my gardens are not well-planned. They are very well-planned indeed. You see, I LOVE not knowing exactly what color most of my annual flowers will be when they burst into bloom. Case in point, the zinnia in the photographs below. As the tips of the petals emerged, the joy and anticipation that filled me was intense. In a few days I knew I would see the color of the zinnia. I love a surprise! I wasn’t disappointed when the zinnia bloomed. What a gorgeous shade of pink. I’m thrilled for I have several weeks to enjoy watching annuals and wildflowers burst into bloom. Oh my…I could shout aloud a “Hallelujah!” for the joy of it. Happy Gardening!




4 thoughts on “Planting & Pleasure – Anticipation

  1. JaneM

    A color-coordinated garden? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! snort, snort. Sorry. I got carried away. πŸ˜€ Unless, you have a botanical exhibit or a theme park display (like Disney Land), I don’t get that concept. That is one perk of becoming a senior – let them just think we’re eccentric.


    1. Even when I was a very young gardener…I never was good at keeping things neat and in order.:) Now that I am older…it’s a bit of a free-for-all in my garden beds…and I LOVE it. πŸ™‚


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