Problem-Solving – Gone to Seed Part II


My Black-seeded Simpson recently went to seed due to the heat. Instead of pulling all of it out for the compost heap, I am leaving a few squares to grow on and form seeds. This will allow me to use the lettuce seeds they produce as microgreens and also give me plenty to sow in next year’s garden. A square of Cimmaron lettuce and some Arugula are now in the process of setting seed too.


On my potting bench I have set up a seed farm to make the most of the last of my microgreen seeds.


Most of these seeds are dated 2011, but still sprouted for me within a week. I am especially fond of the sprouting peas on top of my salads. I will let a few grow on and set some seed to harvest.


If you’ve never heard of microgreens check out this post: Minding My P’s with Q – Microgreens


Another good article on the nutritional aspects of microgreens can be found here: WEBMD report on Microgreens


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