Plantings – Wildflower Garden


In the late months of Spring, I sowed several packets of wildflowers in empty areas of my garden beds. I’ve been thrilled with the results. The flowers are not showy, but the colors are vibrant and the variety of bloom quite interesting. I also added a few leftover zinnias, marigolds and cosmos from old seed packets I had saved over the years. They are also growing, and when the first wildflowers are spent, I am hoping they will begin to blossom.








2 thoughts on “Plantings – Wildflower Garden

  1. *stands at the doorway, tapping his foot in a mockingly annoyed manor…*
    “…The flowers are not showy…”??
    Since when is a gift from GOD not “showy”?
    Did he not give you the gift of gardening?
    Did he not put you in touch with, or cross your path with, others that knew more about gardening than you did at the time?
    And has your life not been blessed with the beautiful colors of these flowers?

    Now granted, these flowers could never compete with the likes of the rose,but are they not beautiful in their own right?
    Hmmmm? *wink*

    There are no words to thank you enough for being the wonderful person you are,
    The true LADY I have always believed you to be,
    and the friend I know I could always rely on if I had need to…4
    Your flowers are, in my opinion, most beautiful…but then again, I believe it’s because of the beauty that lies within you.

    So much from you I have learned…
    May GOD bless you & your family always.

    *kneels B4 you with head bowed….*


    1. Thanks James…the wildflowers are exquisite in their own way! The colors are sensational. You give me too much credit though…I am fallen and flawed…as we all are before Christ Jesus and his perfect life. I kneel in adoration of the Son of God always. I appreciate so much your kind words to me and your support and encouragement through your comments on my posts…God bless you always.


Thanks so much for your comments. They fill my life with sunshine.

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