Philm – Noah

While I absolutely loved yesterday’s feature “philm” of “God is not Dead,” I’m on the opposite side of the fence concerning today’s review. I’m not including the official trailer of “Noah” because I pretty much disliked this whole attempt of portraying one of the greatest of Bible stories on the big screen. I thought the movie was horribly done, and filled with imaginary content that neither added to the story, or was in any way near truth. I am only glad I did not see this in the theater, and only wasted a little over a dollar to rent it through Redbox.

4 thoughts on “Philm – Noah

  1. I saw the Movie Noah & like you, was upset to say the least.

    For someone who knows nothing of Noah & the ark, this would make for a mediocre at best, bed time story….
    To me this movie was pure hollywood fantasy & a cheap fantasy at that.
    There was a version made about 1970 something I think it was, and it was fairly well made…followed the bible & the story line much better than anything else made since.
    I want to say that it was Cecil B. Demil that made the movie, but I could be wrong….The old version, not this new garbage.


  2. Christine Dufault

    Oh I just say Noah last weekend and absolutely loved it! I found the “imaginary” characters not so imaginary when I thought about them as more symbolic. Like the angels turning to stone “monsters” I felt represented how there hearts were like stone from the pain caused by what humans had and still continue to treat each other and God’s great gifts! And I think that even the “man” with the strongest faith has doubts and questions in the back of his mind. And how Noah’s struggle with killing his grandchildren wasn’t necessarily a test of his goodness but a test of how open his heart was and how we often think we hear something only to find out that God was telling us something totally different!
    Haven’t seen God is Not Dead yet but loved Heaven Is For Real!


    1. Hi Christine, I guess I am just old and “set” in my ways! I’m glad you liked it. I liked Heaven is For Real! also. God Is Not Dead was my favorite of the three. Thanks for the comment. Kathy


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