Product – Great Products with Great Recyle Potential


I found Teatulia Lemongrass Tea  in the photograph above at my local Target store. The price initially seemed high, over $5.00, but there are thirty bags in the cardboard cylinder and the contents are organic. Oh My! The taste is spectacular. The tea bag contains only two ingredients: lemon grass and bay leaf. The flavor is light and delicate without being weak. I LOVE it! Even better…the round curves of the cardboard cylinder seem to cry out to me, “Make something special out of me!” It’s a terrific package for the tea, and I hope by the time I drink up the contents, I’ll have a project in mind that is worthy of the container.


Another new favorite were these delicious Royal Dansk Spiral Wafer Cookies. I love to eat them right out of the tin, and also enjoy using them to dress up a bowl of ice cream when I have company. Two scoops of ice cream with two cookies stuck in the top, and you have an elegant dessert to serve. Even better these were on sale for $ .79 this week in my local grocery. Yes! You read me right! Non-sale price is $1.19, still a bargain for something so beautiful and yummy. And wait…yes…the tin is perfect for creating amazing projects. Oh the Joy!

Please check out the comment section for some additional sites on lemongrass, etc.

4 thoughts on “Product – Great Products with Great Recyle Potential

  1. JaneM

    I love collecting tins and have a small collection that I have purchased from World Market, Pier I, etc, over the years. With regard to the lemon grass tea and bay leaf tea you enjoyed, here are links for how to grow your own (since you enjoy gardening) lemon grass and making tea. I know that you are frugal just as I am.

    The excerpt below is from:

    “Growing Your Own Lemongrass: If you would like to try growing your own lemongrass, simply buy a few stalks from the store and place the bulb end in water. Allow it to soak until roots form (this may take anywhere from 2 weeks to a month). Once your lemongrass has developed roots ½ an inch to 1 inch long, plant it in your garden, or in a pot with lots of rich soil. Lemongrass likes sun and warm temperatures, so if you choose to keep it indoors as a houseplant, be sure to give it a south-facing window. Lemongrass makes a beautiful houseplant or ornamental garden plant, and also has the benefit of being useful in Thai cooking.”

    Another site (lemon grass):

    Another site (lemon grass):

    Another site (lemon grass):


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