Pots and Pans – Plantains


I didn’t experience eating plantains until I visited Jamaica. I have since learned to cook them as a side dish/dessert for family and friends. Plantains have good fiber content. They have more vitamin C and A than bananas, are a richer source of B-complex vitamins, and provide minerals such as iron, magnesium and phosphorus. Plantains contain more potassium than bananas. Cooking Plantains is an easy and rewarding task. The only additional ingredients I use are two pats of butter and some brown sugar.

Step One

Slice plantain on the diagonal.


Step Two

Melt two pats of butter in pan.


Step Three

On medium heat begin to fry in the butter. Brown on each side and check tenderness with a fork.


Step Four

Sprinkle brown sugar over plantains. Don’t be alarmed if the brown sugar falls between the slices and bubbles up on the pan. This gives the edges a crispy crunch of sweetness. Cook only until sugar is dissolved and begins to firm up a bit.


Serve and eat warm…very delicious!


4 thoughts on “Pots and Pans – Plantains

  1. Plantains in every form are a staple in our diet-we make chips with the unripe ones, steam the ripe ones for breakfast( no sugar), use the skin of the raw plantains as a vegetable side dish with lentils, garlic, coconut and mustard.

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        1. I love to cook plantains this way Susie, and now I am hungry for them…I will have to buy a couple when I shop this week. It is very easy…not really a recipe. I think you could add any spice you like to them as they cook. I like cinnamon. I especially like the crunchiness the edges get from the melting brown sugar.

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