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“A restaurant that removed your favorite item from the menu, a bad cover of a great song… Write a post about something that should’ve been left untouched, but wasn’t. Why was the original better?” – The Daily Prompt at WordPress



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Daily Post – Let It Be

13 thoughts on “Prompt – Let It Be – Government

  1. This Declaration Of Independence, is in my opinion, the greatest & most wonderfully conceived document ever written by man…
    when this was written, honor meant something. It meant that you did not need a piece of parchment that claimed this or that…the person’s word(in most cases) was good enough…because they had honor….their word was who they were at that time…

    But today, even though this is STILL the greatest document ever written, the politicians that are supposed to stand behind it for the people, have no honor, their word means nothing more than “how bad am I going to get shafted?” You can trust a rabid dog with distemper more than you can trust our own government….and until we get rid of the riff raff in washington, not one thing will ever change….
    I love my country, & if needs be, I would lay down my life to protect her….but when it comes to the politicians that are supposed to be running this country, I refuse to lift one finger to save them. They made their own bed, let them lie or die in it.

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      1. for me, rule #1, has always been, & will always be, to tell it like I see it. let the chips fall where they may, but be honest & as respectful as you can be.
        Any time I post a letter through snail mail, if the stamp is an American flag, I place it on the envelope upside down…my way of saying that tis country is in trouble(politically) & needs either outside intervention, or another civil war; I would prefer the outside intervention. War is hell, & seldom solves anything. WWII was the exception. WWI I can not comment on for I know too little about it.

        I believe John Lennon has pegged perfectly when he sung & chanted “…all that we’re saying, is give peace a chance…”
        Problem is, everyone wants peace, but nobody is willing to put forth the hard work needed to achieve it.

        I have a very nasty wicked & violent temper, IF, if I let it out…which I rarely do, except for the wood’s amazing how much wood I can chop when I’m majorly angry.

        If I had one wish, it would be for weapons of war, weapons of crime, to disappear forever. There is a time to fight, but that fight should be a peaceful fight…not a fight with the war machines. In most cases, the pen IS mightier than the sword, if only they would let it. too many politicians are all too eager to send our oung men & women off to war without a second thought about the families of these soldiers, the soldiers themselves, or how many will die or maimed just because some dictator in asia had a cross fart.

        As I said earlier, I love my country, & am willing to lay my life down to protect her, but these clowns in D.C. have got to go.

        Sorry for making this so long.

        May God bless you & yours abundantly, & may he guide your every step.

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    1. There are so many amendments to our freedom. Much taken away for what they say is the “good” of the people. Change that is not good seems to accelerating here. It is frightening, the young people of today are involved in so many activities and programs, the actual creativity of the human mind seems to be blighted by too much structure.

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