Quick Tips – A Trio of Quick Tips


Vintage ornaments from my grandparent’s Christmas tree are displayed for the season, but also protected from inquisitive cats,  in a crystal candy dish.


Outdoor light cords left loose can be dangerous if they are in the pathway of the mailman or other walkers.


I keep all kinds of “trash” for purposes just like this…fastening down the light cord was the perfect opportunity to recycle a plastic linen bag hanger and some old shower curtain rings. I cut them in half with wire cutters and “Voila,'” free cord stakes. They work great too! Best of all they were free.


If you are using acrylic paint and want a touch of glitter, sprinkle the glitter on while the paint is wet. When the paint dries it acts like a glue and keeps the glitter in place.


Thanks so much for your comments. They fill my life with sunshine.

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