Pets & Quick Tip – Cat Toy Refresher


At this time of year, those of us with pets often think of them at Christmas, and purchase or make them a new toy. My pets have several catnip-stuffed toys I have crafted for them over the years. After several weeks of play, the smell and volatile oils of the catnip begins to diminish.


To remedy this, and refresh the toy with new catnip pizazz, I place the toy in a bag with a few sprigs of catnip and shake it up, also smooshing the catnip and toys together a few times, while in the bag, between my palms.


My cats are very appreciative of the little bit of additional catnip applied to the toy.

You can grow your own catnip and dry it to use all winter, or easily purchase catnip in pet stores or supermarkets.

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