Product – Red Mill 10 Grain Cereal


Over the course of the past year I have discovered a brand of products I love; Bob’s Red Mill grain cereals have become my go-to breakfast even in the height of the summertime. My day starts off great with a little self-nurturing through a bowl of hot cereal. It doesn’t hurt the cause that the 10 Grain cereal I choose to buy reminds me of mornings at my grandmother’s home, waiting on her cracked wheat hot cereal.


The cereal takes 7 – 10 minutes to cook on the stovetop; the wait only serves to make my anticipation build. I’ve never been disappointed. I add a pat of butter and brown sugar to mine, and cool it with a splash of milk.


I experimented with the recipe for breakfast muffins I found on the back of the package. These would be good for breakfast on the go. They are a tad heavy and dense, but if you were flying out the door in a hurry, it would be wonderful to grab one for a nutritious breakfast. If I make the muffins again I might add some blueberries.

I’ve noticed there are also flour, grain mixtures, and additional cereals offered by this terrific company. I hope to try quite a few over the course of 2015. Give a package of Bob’s Red Mill cereals a try. They are economical and last a loooooonnnnnggg time. I store mine in the refrigerator after I open it. Happy Breakfast to You!

6 thoughts on “Product – Red Mill 10 Grain Cereal

  1. thanks for sharing – and we use Bob’s ground flax and few other things – but have not tried many more…
    and this cereal looks good – mmmm
    and the muffins look good – but I usually have a rich protein for breakfast because this past year I have found out so much about how the right “proteins and oils” are most important and then the veggies and grains come in – and so 4 breakfast eggs is a common staple – but still exploring. anyhow, enjoyed this review of the product too 🙂


    1. Hi, I am a big believer in eggs too! In fact, my dream for Spring this year is to have a few runner ducks. 😀 I just read that the price of eggs might be rising, and I’ve always loved ducks…their eggs are supposed to contain even more protein than chicken eggs. Thanks so much for comment. I’ll be cooking up a morning batch of 10 grain cereal in just a few minutes. Blessings.

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        1. I left out the fact that I have two books (A Christmas present to myself) on raising Indian Runner Ducks as egg-laying poultry. They are quieter than chickens, don’t require large amounts of water, a small pool will do, and they are cuter than chickens, at least in my opinion. I’m thinking of ordering a few eggs for incubating, or baby ducklings, for the first of April. That will give me time to really think the idea through, build a shelter, etc., before I commit to having ducks as pets.

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          1. How interesting and well, what dense source of nutrition this will be. Also, the ducks sound more win-win.
            we have a sweet lady friend who gives us fresh eggs (less often now) and there IS a difference – mmmm – fresh is better.
            oh – and tho sis not going to happen for a decade or two – but I would like to have some goats to make milk and harvest some fresh milk.


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