Pots & Pans – Bobby Flay’s Soup


In the January issue of Food Network Magazine you will find a terrific recipe for Bobby Flay’s Spanish Chorizo, Kale and Cranberry Bean Soup.

I cooked up a batch of this soup last week and it was delicious and hearty. I did make some changes though. I used leftover sparkling cider in place of the wine. I also substituted chicken cutlets, marinated for several hours in a strong vinegar, olive oil and spice solution, in place of the chorizo. After I baked the chicken and cut it into small cubes, I added it to the soup for a minute or two before serving. Next time I will use boneless thighs, the breast meat became a bit dry.

I also cooked the beans and kale separately to cut the cooking time for the other vegetables down a bit. When everything was cooked through I combined the ingredients in a big pot. Scrumptious!

3 thoughts on “Pots & Pans – Bobby Flay’s Soup

  1. thx for this recipe – I am going to try it sometime. I actually have chorizo in the fridge right now 0- but yuck, I will never eat it again. It did not agree with me and even tho my hubs can eat it – I cannot (and it was supposed to be all natural but I think it had msg) anyhow, I will use the dark meat chic as suggested – mmmm

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