Plants & Quick Tip – Save or Toss? Poinsettia Plant


My Christmas Poinsettia is still looking rather fine. The plant is large with several blooming flowers, or more correctly said, “Bracts.”

It’s time to decide whether I keep the plant and try to bring it back into bloom or toss it. Need I say, I have never heard of any home gardener who has managed to coax one of these beauties to rebloom? If a reader has ever had success with bringing a poinsettia back into flowering stage, please tell us how in the comment section, and I will add it to this post.

According to Bachman’s Garden Care here are some tips to keep your poinsettia in bloom as long as possible:

“Keep the plant in your sunniest window
Keep the soil barely moist/don’t allow it to become soggy
Feed with a good fertilizer every two weeks.”

If you decide to keep the plant, rather than tossing when the colorful bracts fall away from the plant, follow these tips:

“Cut plant back to 3 – 5 inches.
Repot in a slightly larger container.
Place outdoors in 6-8 hours of light daily.
Fertilize weekly.”

For information on how to bring your Poinsettia plant back into bloom visit Bachman’s Garden Care

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