Plants – Meyer Lemon Sprouts


A few weeks ago I was blogging on finding and using Meyer Lemons. I mentioned that I was going to save some seeds to sprout and grow.


I followed through on my goal and planted eighteen or more Meyer Lemon seeds in a tray of regular potting soil. I covered the tray with a lid and placed the container near a heating vent. Within a few weeks six of the seeds sprouted. Success! I know in the cool temperatures of a winter house they will grow slowly, but hey, they are growing…step one toward growing a Meyer Lemon tree complete.

Updates will follow in the coming weeks.

9 thoughts on “Plants – Meyer Lemon Sprouts

  1. JaneM

    Well, you are going to have to be very patient, Kathy. According to the SFGate:
    “It can take about 15 years from the time of germination for a seed-grown lemon tree to mature and produce fruit.” 🙂

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    1. Oh Jane…I groaned and laughed at the same time. 😀 Thanks for giving me a smiling start to the day! Your comments are always so appreciated. Maybe I can grow my little “trees,” and find a larger Meyer Lemon tree somewhere to purchase. Blessings on your day sweet Jane.


      1. JaneM

        I certainly hope you DON’T abandon your tree growing plan based on this info. I want to see YOUR trees (I’ll be in my late 70’s by then)! But probably not a bad idea in the interim to find a larger tree to purchase. And when your seedlings become saplings, pass a few on to your children. I think that would be a great legacy.


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