Plants & Phavorites – Welcome Minerva



Minerva, the Amaryllis bulb I purchased in November, finally grew and bloomed.


In November, I blogged about finding the bulb dressed up in a pretty gauzy bag.


Minerva has lived up to her packaging and beautiful name. She is a medium-sized Amaryllis with gorgeous stripes running the length of her petals. Minerva was worth the two months it took her to grow and blossom.


I grew three Amaryllis plants this year and hope to bring them back into bloom next December. I found information on how to do this at the United States National Arboretum website: How to bring an Amaryllis back into bloom.


The United States National Arboretum is a great site to browse. I’m hoping to visit there within the next year or two.


My Orange Sovereign Amaryllis unexpectedly formed seed pods. I checked a few sites to see if an Amaryllis is Self-Pollinating, but found the answer was no. Somehow, either by a gnat or other insect, or by moving the plant from room to room, the amaryllis was pollinated. I found some good information to follow on Youtube from the Amaryllis Man on how to grow the seed. We’ll see if I have any luck growing one of these beauties start to finish.

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