People – HCPT / The Pilgrimage Trust

“Lourdes has been a place for pilgrimage since 1858. Today over five million people per year visit the town. HCPT founder Dr Michael Strode first visited in 1951 and saw the potential to organise a pilgrimage for disabled children at the school where he was working.

HCPT itself was founded in 1956 and now helps 1,000 disabled and disadvantaged children and young people visit every Easter, and hundreds of disabled and disadvantaged people of all ages to enjoy a week at Hosanna House near the town each Summer.”

Yesterday I posted a video of “Rise and Shine” being sung by those taking part in an HCPT Pilgrimage to Lourdes. Prior to finding this video I had never heard of this wonderful charity. The group in the video is based in the UK. You can find out more at HCPT Vision and Mission of HCPT.

2 thoughts on “People – HCPT / The Pilgrimage Trust

    1. Hi Susie, Blogging seems to lead me to many things I did not know existed. I stumbled upon the first video of the singing and was so inspired by it. Then I found out more about the charity. What a wonderful endeavor! I also haven’t heard much about Lourdes in recent years. It’s good to see it is still a place where people feel a sense of renewal and hope.


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