Produce – Belgian Endive


When I shop in my local grocery store or farmer’s market, I often notice interesting produce I haven’t bought, or, to my knowledge, experienced. I am committed to changing my shopping and eating habits. My goal is to sample every strange and exotic fruit and vegetable I can find for sale in the coming year.

I started my quest with Belgian Endives. I’m pretty sure that at one time or another, in a restaurant or someone’s home, I have probably eaten a Belgian Endive, but I am also sure I have never purchased one. I remedied the situation this week and bought one.


I “Googled” Belgian endive and found plenty of information on the vegetable. One of my favorite articles was the Top Ten Ways to Use a Belgian Endive. I chose the easy way out with the endive and cut it into strips to add to my turkey and arugula sandwich. I also tasted it alone and unadorned, and found it has a delicious appeal. I will definitely be buying more Belgian endive in the future.


9 thoughts on “Produce – Belgian Endive

    1. You will laugh at this…I bought one earlier in the season, kept it sitting on my counter until it was as hard as a rock. Didn’t know what to do with it. It still looked okay, but I would have had to hammer it to get the skin off. lol 😀

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  1. well now I have to REALLY make sure I check back on your blog this coming year – to see how your food experimenting unfolds… mmmm

    and your endive looks yum! especially with the turkey and arugula – I was eating mixed salad from the bag the other night and was shocked by how nutty some of the greens were – so good.

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    1. I will actually get a craving for arugula…and I always love to say that word, if I say it with the right emphasis on the “RU” syllable, it sounds like an old fashioned Model T car horn. Silly, I know…when I read this reply back I sound a little nuts, but I’m afraid it captures the real me! lol 😀


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