Painting – Celebration Art

Copyright - Amy E. Davis
Copyright © 2015 by A.E. Davis – 12 x 14 on Canvas

My sister teaches high school and middle school art. I love her most recent mixed media artwork. Her painting is the perfect choice to use as a blog post for starting off the Memorial Day Weekend. The colors, the energy within the painting…Beautiful!

I emailed my sister, and asked what mediums she used for her painting.

“The mixed media project was done with Acrylic paint, paper, and one of my favorite substances-MODPODGE.”

Her artwork inspires me to get out my own supplies and attempt some exciting art myself. Isn’t that what good teachers do for us? For me, creating art is a celebration of life. When I am painting or crafting I always have a feeling of peace and gratitude in my heart. Give creating a try today. Any type of art will do, from doodling to sculpting, and everything in between. Take a few moments to create a celebration of spirit today.

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