Photograph & Perspective – Broken/Little Pencils and Good Ideas


“Write down the thoughts of the moment. Those that come unsought for are commonly the most valuable.” ~ Francis Bacon

The WordPress Photo Challenge for today is titled, “Broken. This week, capture something broken.”

Some things must be broken to be used, an egg must be cracked to be eaten, a tree must be felled to be cut into lumber, a horse must be broken before it can be rode.

A “broken” pencil showed up in my junk drawer recently. I think the small stub of graphite and wood has probably spent about two decades in this shortened condition. Why? Well, because boys will be boys, and most likely one of my sons sharpened this pencil down to a nub while in middle school. This same scenario held true when I was a young student. Preteen boys delighted in reducing their pencils into nubs just like the “broken” one in my photograph. The sight of tiny pencils always curls my lips upward in a nostalgic smile.

So often as I go about my day I will have the flash of a good idea, but later on, find myself completely unable to remember it. I’ve tried carrying around a pen and paper in pants or shirt pockets to write down these good thoughts, but invariably get stabbed in the thigh, or have ink leak out and spoil a good shirt. When I saw this small pencil I realized it solved the problem of being too long, but what to do about that sharp point…Yikes!


The problem was easily solved by placing an old ink pen cap over the sharpened end.


A piece of paper folded into a tiny square was the perfect addition. I’m ready now to record all the good ideas that I am blessed with today and in the future. Do you have any tiny pencils to carry around in your pocket? If not, break a pencil  in two and sharpen, sharpen, sharpen. Good ideas are priceless!

13 thoughts on “Photograph & Perspective – Broken/Little Pencils and Good Ideas

  1. Kathy,
    What a good use to put a worn-out pencil to. My children have left stubs of pencils they wrote with at home, and most of the time, I am throwing them away, wondering if there was some use I could put them to. And now I have it.
    How’s the garden doing ? My kitty-kat ( the one who had the surgery) and her sole little one are doing well. So things are looking up at this end.
    Need some advice though. I have a colleague who is young ( about 30) and rather bossy. She has been longer in the job that I have so she thinks its ok to pass on her work to me. What must I do ? Should I tell her to back off or just ignore her and watch out for consequences ?
    I am sorry to burden you with my troubles but since you have so much experience with nature and how it works, perhaps you have a solution to my problem.

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    1. She is cheating the company you both work for if she is not carrying her own workload. You have no obligation to help her unless it is approved by a supervisor for you to do so. My sister and I always talk of the fact that we are often too nice and this enables other people to behave badly. She sounds like she is not giving her best to the company you both work for, but is instead pushing her responsibilities onto you. Perhaps you can tell her that you will help her out with her work only if you have enough time after completing your own. :/ Susie, that would be a hard, hard problem to deal with on a daily basis.

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      1. Yes, thank you so much for taking the time to answer Kathy and for being a good friend.
        I will certainly work on this. Perhaps I am too kind or too sop – it must be written on my face, I can be taken for a ride.

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        1. Hi Susie, I wrote an answer on your blog post too. For other co-workers to warn you about this problem shows they have a lot of respect for you and don’t want you to be hurt by this person’s attitudes. That should be a real boost for you…it shows the caring nature of most of the people you work with, and that they have probably also been the victim of this woman’s ways. Blessings on your day Susie!

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          1. Thank you so much for your care Kathy. I seem to have more “real’ friends on the virtual world and now that you have pointed out, perhaps I have a few real world friends too. Have a blessed weekend too !

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