Prayer & Praise – Macro Iris Photographs

The inside of an Iris always reminds me of a cathedral with stained glass ceilings and windows. How can I not praise the Creator when I gaze upon his wonders? This is my Father’s World.


“Every time we pray our horizon is altered,

our attitude to things is altered


 not sometimes but every time,


and the amazing thing is

that we don’t pray more.”


 ~ Oswald Chambers

9 thoughts on “Prayer & Praise – Macro Iris Photographs

    1. Oh my…I don’t have that lens either, so perhaps I mislabeled the post. I just get close, closer, closest and hope. Often times the photo will be blurred, but once in a while…ahhh…macro vision. Thanks! 😀

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    2. Even funnier…if you could see my camera. If I had another camera I would take a picture of it. It is so decrepit the battery, SD card area, is held closed with pink flamingo duct tape. Seriously! My husband said we should buy a new one for our recent trip, but I know that we can go on trips because I am willing to use a camera that is held together with duct tape. Sounds like a blog post doesn’t it?

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