11 thoughts on “Pheathers & Phun – Birdy, Birdy In the Tree

        1. Yes, Susie, all is well. It has been a good week and a discouraging week at the same time. I am so troubled by current events and the state of our world. Evil seems to be escalating at an alarming rate. People in this area are also quite shaken by the ferocity of the storms that have gone through. Many in our area still don’t have electricity. I hope to get back on the sunny side of life next week. Thanks for the uplifting comment and your blessing, and God bless your Sabbath day too my friend.

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          1. I have been listening to Joel Ostend’s message this morning on laughter and I thought suddenly of you. Because you bring so much laughter through your writing. Your are an inspiration to fellow bloggers like me and I am sure , in the lives of people around you.
            Evil is all around us but good is too.
            I am so glad that even in the midst of storms, you are ok and keeping well.
            God bless !

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            1. Oh Susie, thank you so much. Tomorrow’s post from me is not very uplifting, more of a gentle warning I’m afraid…I hope it won’t be offensive. I am so concerned by what is going on and no one seems to know how to stop the acceleration of the evils. You are right, goodness is all around us. There are more good people than evil. That is why I wrote a little bit of a down post tomorrow. I think many people are being fooled by those who so easily can change who they are to suit the situation. I am off to bed now…tomorrow will be a brighter day. Thanks so much for your encouragement. It is a blessing to me. 🙂 Goodnight sweet Susie.


    1. I do too! The chirping alone is uplifting. They are such busy parents. I still have suet out and they feed that to the babies along with being great at keeping the insects in the yard down to a minimum. Have a happy week! 🙂

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