9 thoughts on “Quote & Perspective – Staying Focused

  1. Kathy,
    Nice words. With the passing of years, we find more disappointments and the tendency to believe that perhaps that is not to be- but we need to believe that if the dream was put in our hearts then there is a reason for it and we need to get up and do something about it- sometimes, even if we do nothing about it, opportunity will come our way and we need to take it if it comes.
    Do you draw too ?

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    1. Hi Susie, I can draw, but not all that well…I am better at painting. How is everything…the recovery going well for your husband? I still have not gotten that avocado post done…I’ve been in a bit of a rut the last few days…time to dig my way out of it.

      I like your comment that if the dream is in our heart there is a reason for it. That is a good motivational point…I will remind myself of your wise words all week. Kathy

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      1. Kathy, that point is not mine- got it from Joel Osteen’s speech on a similar topic- he says, if there is a dream in your heart, there is a reason and there is someone behind it- and that is God. He will work everything possible to make that dream work. So dreams are good and day dreams too !

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