Planting – Avocado Pits – Again???

A few years ago I grew an avocado tree from a pit I saved. The pit sprouted, grew, seemed to thrive, and then abruptly succumbed to an unknown ailment. The Crash and Burn of My Avocado Pit Project

Recently, while talking with a blogging friend, Susie, of the SusieShy45 Blog, we both agreed  to attempt growing  an avocado pit at the same time. We will be comparing notes on our progress through the comment section of this post. Please do join in if you eat avocados and want to give growing it a try. Add your thoughts and progress to the post in the comment section.

I have two pits saved, so I’m going to try growing them in two ways. For the first, I suspended the flat end (the rooting area) in water, and kept the pointed end (the sprouting area) above the water line. I placed my pit in a vase with a perfectly-sized opening to hold the pit. Another way is to suspend the pit with toothpicks inserted a quarter inch or so into the sides, and the bottom placed in a glass or jar of water.

avocado 1

avocado 2

I planted my second pit in a pot with dirt, pointed end up. It will be a race to see which one sprouts first. Anyone else out there with an avocado pit, or a ripe avocado on hand??? Join in and let us know how your avocado grows.

25 thoughts on “Planting – Avocado Pits – Again???

  1. We always suspended them in water.I think we grew them just to watch them grow and never planted them. Our neighbor had a tree and its limbs hung over our yard so we claimed the ones that fell on our side. Good luck with your experiment.


        1. Oh Susie, two days later a chipmunk or squirrel BIT OFF both sprouts. I am hoping the avocado pit can still manage to put out just one more sprout. I hope you had a great vacation…and that your birthday was happily celebrated.

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          1. My pits are still lying in a pool of water in a plastic dish, hoping to sprout. With my constant pushing, I am sure they should sprout soon- do you think avocados grow in extreme desert climes ?
            I am sure yours will sprout again.
            PS : On my vacation, I bought a packet of Korean Kimchi, which to me seems similar to the German sauerkraut. So I am happy.

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            1. I am sure yours will sprout too. There doesn’t seem to a timetable for them. I don’t know if mine will resprout after being bitten away. If it wasn’t so aggravating it would be funny….like a cartoon.

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                  1. Kathy,
                    My avocado pits have all gotten broken in half- don’t know how, so I have to start again but the link one of your followers put says how to grow an indoor avocado plant !


  2. I like the way you are trying different methods of growing your avocados and that you are sharing this experience with a friend. I hope they will all succeed. Do share the pictures when they sprout and are fully grown, please! 🙂

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  3. Kathy, I know you enjoy the challenges of growing plants from the seeds of edible plants so here is a great link (below) provided by a recipe site I subscribe to – Brown Eyed Baker. Today she had the link in her blog. If you decide to go forward with any of these, let us know how your project is faring. 🙂

    ‘7 Types of Fruit Trees You Can Grow in Your Living Room’

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