Planting – Moonflower Seeds


Last summer, I published a post on my Moonflower Vines. These night-blooming flowers glow in the soft light of the moon, all the while exuding a captivating fragrance.  I buy Moonflower seeds  off  the racks of big-box stores, but I deviated from my norm this year and bought a packet at Longwood Gardens.

moonflower packet

Renee’s Garden is a trusted brand of seeds.

moonflower packet 2

I appreciate the fact that each packet states the seeds are, “Not treated or genetically engineered.” Renee’s Garden also offers advice on their blog: Renee’s Blog

I soaked the seeds overnight as per directions on packet, and planted them in recycled yogurt containers. (Some gardeners also nick the outer shell of the large seed.) I filled each cup with organic potting soil in bottom half,  seed starter mix as top layer. I placed these in an empty plastic container, set it beside my heating vent, and in less than a week…


moonflower sprouts

Oh the JOY of gardening from seed! I started these Moonflower vines much earlier than recommended. This is due to my experience with them; they are very slow-growing  for a few weeks. I’m hoping to enjoy my Moonflowers blossoms by  late May. Happy Gardening!

How to Grow A Moonflower Vine Indoors.

16 thoughts on “Planting – Moonflower Seeds

    1. I am not sure how they will do in very cool areas. I am starting mine early because they grow slow here until the temperatures get warmer. I am hoping the earlier start will bring about earlier flowers. If I have good success with the sprouting I might grow one or two vines around a sunny window and see how that works for me. I have grown morning glories indoors, and they will bloom, although the flowers are much smaller than the ones grown outside.

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  1. Kathy, each year do you need to buy new seeds for the Moonflower – would you not get them from last year’s plants ? Forgive my ignorance.
    How are things with you, Kathy? My husband is going for a surgery today and will be in hospital until sunday if all goes well.

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    1. Susie, I do save seeds, but the reason I buy and sow so many is my success rate with this plant from seed is not as successful as I would hope. This year I am hoping for many more plants so I am doubling my efforts. (and quantity of seeds I sow) I have dreams of sitting on my back porch at twilight in a fragrant cloud of moonflowers. I am also sowing sweet peas. They bloom very early, but then when the heat strikes the vines die. When they sweet peas are finished, I am hoping to have moonflowers ready to bloom.

      If I have an overabundance of moonflowers…I am sure I can find good homes for them. 😀

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