Plant & Phloral Arrangements – Bargain Elegance


Page through any high-end magazine or decorating book and you will often find Phalaenopsis orchids as a main focal point in the decor. The long stems, large green leaves, and gorgeous flowers are the perfect plant for any home. Phalaenopsis orchids are my first choice for an elegant flowering plant or gift.

I worked for several years as a floral designer. When an order was placed for an orchid delivery, I often put together floral pieces much like the orchid in the photograph. These plants had a big price tag, usually $50.00 – $60.00, not including a large delivery fee. A better choice is to make your plant a DIY project.

Phalaenopsis orchids are available just about everywhere. I bought the one in the photograph for $7.99 at my local Aldi Grocery Store. I have a stash of thrift store and yard sale ceramics set aside for dressing up houseplants. The one in the photo was a $2.00 purchase.


One drawback of most Phalaenopsis orchids is their tendency to lean. To straighten the pot I use foil wedged in around the orchid pot. Since the orchid and the potting medium is light, this works perfectly to hold it in place.


The moss that covers the top was an item gathered near my home. Dried for a week or so, excess dirt brushed away, the moss perfectly dresses up the top of the pot, and hides the mechanics beneath it. This orchid brings elegance to any room, yet is very economical at just $10.00. Give this design a try the next time you see orchids for sale at a great price.


14 thoughts on “Plant & Phloral Arrangements – Bargain Elegance

    1. Hi Susie, I’m glad you like the DIY. Yes, I often use page as a verb, and know others do too, it’s probably a sign of my age, nowadays the word most people would use is scroll. I have several orchids on the porch now; I will bring them inside the house in a few weeks. They don’t need a greenhouse to rebloom. I think they are the easiest of orchids to grow.

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  1. Hey Kathy,
    Sorry for communicating with you this way but do you have any ideas for how to keep your recipe books and recipes( papers) in the kitchen in an elegant way ? I just dump them on top of the microwave and it doesn’t look too good.

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    1. Hi Susie, I keep all that recipes that I use in photo albums. The clear plastic protects them when I cook. For all the ones I’ve collected, that I haven’t used yet…they are like yours…in big pile in a plastic box in an upstairs room.

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      1. Thank you, Kathy. I got a something from the equivalent of a dollar store here which I have hung up on hooks and kept some of my notebooks on them. In the kitchen, we need to use as much of the wall space as possible, so we have the counters free for preparation.

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  2. Found your site from comment you posted at mine today. Wondering if you can answer a question I’ve not found answer to elsewhere – some possibilities but not sure. Here in Norman Oklahoma where I’ve lived 8 years, there’s the trees that get the white flowers for only about 3-5 weeks late March early April. Then just green leaves, flowers gone rest of season and through summer. Do you know what kind of trees those might be? I don’t have a photo. I get the tree pollen allergy then. Thought it odd I was getting it this month. Then near grocery store I spotted one of those small trees with the white flowers on it. I’ve ever seen them appear in September. Almost like a second season. But just there, not others, so maybe that one is a different kind of tree with white flowers on it.

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      1. Medium to small trees almost like crabapple trees. Good question about the leaves. I’m not sure shape or cluster but I recall light green not dark green. Also not sure about shape and cluster of flowers. I couldn’t get too close because eyes were itching, watering, and I was having sneezing fits – strongest allergy attacks like that I’ve ever had. I asked some people here in Norman and got a different answer from each one for what kind of trees they are. Next season I’ll try to get close enough to take a photo and then post it online for feedback. They bloom about mid-March and are gone before May, fall to the ground.

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