Plant – Thanksgiving Cactus


I’ve been to the store yet again this week, gathering, gathering, gathering what I need in anticipation of the dinners I’ll be preparing tonight, Thanksgiving Day, and the day after. I’m excited at the prospect of having those I love at our dinner table.

I’ve brought my Thanksgiving cactus upstairs from its usual home in a bright basement window well. The plant will be the centerpiece for my dining-room table. Throughout the summer months the cactus thrives on the screened-in porch. I water this plant once every three weeks. Too much water will doom the succulent leaves to a soggy death. Better to underwater than overwater succulent plants. The cactus is rewarding me for my near-neglect with many buds. I will enjoy its blossom time over the next few weeks of the holiday season.

13 thoughts on “Plant – Thanksgiving Cactus

  1. Kathy,
    At last your post is here. The cactus is so beautiful and even in cold weather. I thought it was a desert plant. It loves your house and is happy to be an honored guest at your Thanksgiving table. Have you started cooking already ?

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    1. I’m having spaghetti tonight, steak and crabcakes tomorrow, and the traditional Thanksgiving dinner for a crowd on Friday evening. I’m very happy to have most of my family coming to my house during those three days. Thanks Susie!

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  2. Love it. Beautiful and healthy, and offering up those colorful blooms. I gifted my eldest sister with a Christmas cactus one year (about eight years ago). When I purchased it for her at a roadside plant booth in November, (her birthday month), it did not have any blooms at the time. We were both unaware it would burst forth with colorful joyousness about a month later. In a sense, it was a birthday gift that not only a lovely surprise once, but it doubled her delight when it burst forth with healthy colorful blooms about a month later. Happy to say that it’s still going strong all these years later. Hers is a bit larger than the one you’ve shown, but similarly, is very happy and healthy. Hope you multiple Thanksgiving celebrations bring you much joy and love. Happy Thanksgiving!

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    1. Thanks so much for stopping by. I’ve missed you. Are you blogging again? I’ll stop by and check your blog out. My uncle had a gigantic Christmas/Thanksgiving cactus years ago. I’ve always admired them. The bloom are sensational and I like the abundance of them.


      1. No, haven’t been blogging in quite a while. Health issues keep me away from computer, but still manage to keep up with following some of my favorite blogging buddies, although I end up missing tons of posts due to time constraints. Hoping to maybe get a tablet soon (as opposed to just a desk top) so that I might manage to go voice to text, so that I can start blogging again. Anyway, always enjoy your posts, and just wanted to stop by and wish you happy holidays. Bet you are crazy busy with the multiple Thanksgiving celebrations in your schedule! Have fun!

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