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It is the week of Thanksgiving. A good time to dwell on the aspects of life that fill your heart with gratitude. Always, first in my thoughts of gratitude is the indwelling of God’s Spirit within me, and the gift of salvation he has given me. Another gift I am grateful for is my family and home. I also want to express gratitude to the people who visit my blog and add another aspect of goodness to my life. One of these is my friend Susie, writer of the blog Susieshy45.


I started the day having a good conversation with Susie through the blog comment section, and then visited her blog, and found inspiration for today’s post by being a bit of a copycat. Susie wrote today of nurturing a stray cat, and it reminded me of a sweet little stray I met in Jamaica. The adorable little kitten lived in a grated window well near our room. It fills my heart with thanksgiving to know that all around the world there are people like Susie, who have good hearts, and who, through blogging, I have met and consider my friend.


I am filled with gratitude for all of you who visit my blog. Thank you!

6 thoughts on “Phriends – Copycat

      1. Kathy
        I am a dog lover- I love dogs and I love little children but unfortunately am not very fond of adults.
        I am not a cat person as a rule but I think of them as God’s creatures and try to do my best with the ones God puts in my path.( which he constantly seems to do:)

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    1. Thanks Susie, I will be cooking for three days, Wednesday – son, wife and grand-daughters and a nephew. They will be away at her parents for the actual day. Thursday, one son, mother-in-law and my husband and I. Friday, a traditional meal for one son, three grandsons, mother-in-law, parents, husband and me…and maybe my nephew. I will be busy, busy, busy beginning tomorrow. Thanks so much for the good wishes.

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