Photograph – Old Horizons Renewed


I’m hoping to revisit an old horizon as a new horizon in 2017. I enjoyed taking photographs of a path into the woods in 2014. It was interesting watching the snow vanish. I eventually created a winter slideshow, set to music, with some of the photos. I want to choose a new spot for the coming year, and try to stick with taking a photo once a week. Do you have any new projects or plans in the works for 2017?

This is a short video of ‘The Path’ in the winter of 2014.

11 thoughts on “Photograph – Old Horizons Renewed

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    1. Susie, I was thinking of the same path, but a very large tree has fallen across the way, and I’m not sure how the photos will look. I’ll have to take a look again this week and see if it still has the potential for good photographs. They are very leafy and beautiful in the Spring and Summer…in Autumn they are ablaze with color. Right now…as most of the trees around me…bare branches.

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        1. Susie, it is a park near my house…very small. There is a whole story to this area from when my husband was small, from when I was a child, my sons, and now my grandchildren. I will tell it one day soon…maybe in January. Thanks Susie, you sparked a good idea in me. Have the most perfectly happy day. Kathy

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  2. Thoroughly enjoyed not only the header photo, but also the video. Love the serenity and quiet solitude of the path, and wondered about that large tree towards the back that was definitely headed towards the earth … guessing that might be the tree you mentioned that had fallen across the path. Nice capture of the expansiveness of the view, especially taken during different weather conditions. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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Thanks so much for your comments. They fill my life with sunshine.

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