Play – Sabbath Day


I delight in the Sabbath Day. I rejoice in worshipping God our Father on this day of the week he has set aside as holy. It is also a day he asks us to rest. I enjoy the day of rest by forgoing everyday, monotonous tasks and playing a little. Some of my favorite ‘playgrounds’ are the many sites around the web that allow for photo tweaking. The photo above started out rather tame as a still life of one of my Willow Tree Angels amid a patch of ivy in my backyard. The photo was tweaked through the free site LunaPic. I used one of their art filters to alter the appearance of my photograph. It’s easy to upload a photograph and play with it. Have a blessed Sabbath!


Click here to visit LunaPic.

6 thoughts on “Play – Sabbath Day

  1. Thanks for sharing the link for Lunapic. I’ve always wanted to learn how to manipulate photos with various special effects (but for free, without paying for the program). I actually like both version of your photo, for different reasons. The top one looks futuristic and nostalgic at the same time, and the bottom picture (original) is such a simplistic still-life study, framed so nicely with the vines and the fencing in the background. Almost like stepping into another world (both pics; different ways). Creative anything always catches my attention. Anyway, thanks again for sharing the link. Have bookmarked it, and hope to do a bit of playing myself. 🙂

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    1. You just made my day happier! I love to share the good things I find through the blog. When I think of you having fun playing with this site it brings me real JOY. Thanks so much for letting me know you liked it! Have a lovely Sabbath Day my friend. Kathy


    1. Hi Susie, I love these little Willow Tree Statues. I carried her out and placed her on a piece of landscaping stone in the crook of the tree. The stone has been there so long it has become permanently wedged into the tree. Try this Lunapic site out…it is so easy and fun. Have a lovely Sabbath Day dear Susie! Kathy

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