Plant & Quote – Poinsettia


“Who can add to Christmas?

The perfect motive is that God so loved the world.

The perfect gift is that He gave His only Son.

The only requirement is to believe in Him.

The reward of faith is that you shall have everlasting life.”

                                                         ~ Corrie Ten Boom

10 thoughts on “Plant & Quote – Poinsettia

  1. Do you like poinsettias, Kathy ?
    People tend to forget what Christmas is about and how the celebration started in their rush to make their homes beautiful, food, gifts, sales and so on that they are overwhelmed, when in fact the birth of Christ and the good news that he is there for us, should be making us feel light as a bird, don’t you think ?

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    1. Yes, I do like them. I found the one in the photograph in a small deli we go to for lunchmeat and fruit. It is a small business and I love to support it because the owners are a family and they are so cordial to everyone who comes in the store. Everyone says hello and gives you a smile. That is the kind of business I like to support.

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      1. That’s really neat, Kathy- that you support small businesses.
        I got told off at work today for something “bad” I did- there was a complaint about me. And I was at fault.
        Know what I did at first- I am so proud of myself- I said, Thank you God- and said Praise the Lord. And I kept saying that and then I went for a few walks around my corridor where I work and now I am smiling.
        How much the Lord does for us.( My testimony)

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          1. I thought of what our Lord would do in a situation like this and he didn’t sin, remember?
            He would have turned the other cheek- so I am planning to do something similar. We have high standards to keep, right, Kathy ?
            I will let you know what I do/plan to do after I pray.

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    2. I do feel light as a bird when I think of the Lord. Last night I couldn’t sleep, and so I sat up late looking at the blogs of others, yours included, and sang a few songs celebrating the Lord, and even though I lost some hours of sleep, I gained a sense of peace. I’ll take that exchange.

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        1. Christmas preparations are going well. Other than one big meal, which others are contributing to, so the only hard thing is finding room for all the tables, I have a list, a cross off pen, and a pretty good attitude…after all, it’s a birthday party of sorts…for the Lord.

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