Project – Valentine Heart


Valentine posters are an inexpensive, quick and easy craft for children. All the elements in the poster were purchased at the dollar store: foam board, stickers and ribbon. An adult version could easily be created using old jewelry, beads, glass pebbles, etc.

The first step is to cut the foam board. Oh my, this is the part that gave me the hardest time. Foam board is notoriously hard to cut without shredding the edge. I had success by placing it on a cutting board, using a metal yardstick as a guide, and with heavy pressure cut through the board with a box cutter in one non-stop swipe. If you stop, the board will shred. (I know this from experience) Poster board is a good alternative to foam board and cuts easily without shredding, but it is not quite as stable. My finished backing measured near 18 x 22 inches. You can make this project in any size.


Create a guide with a large sheet of paper. I have found gift wrap or tissue paper to be a good choice. I usually have some spare pieces lying around the house. Cut the paper several inches larger than your finished backing, fold in half and cut a large heart. Center the heart on the backing and wrap excess paper around edge to back of board, attaching it to the back with tape or glue stick. The front should be taut and smooth.


Place the stickers on the exposed foam/poster board inside the heart shape. No need to be neat, they look great layered, sideways and even upside down. One caution however, don’t try to change the placement of a sticker once it is down, it will most likely rip the foam/poster board if you do. When the area is filled, carefully peel the paper guide away. We didn’t worry about the appearance of the back and easily attached the ribbon for hanging with duct tape.


This project pleased everyone. We made two, one for each family to take home. My grandchildren range in age from two years old to ten, they all loved creating the heart and one of them pronounced the finished poster, “AWESOME.”

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