9 thoughts on “Quote – Strong Shoes

  1. Like Jonah, there are times I wish if he never sends me on a journey equipped or not but then I realize without those journeys, my life would be boring and I would not grow.
    Not having life adventures is like being in a cage and never having been outside.
    A nice message here, Kathy.

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    1. Hi Susie, I love this quote. The wisdom of a good quote doesn’t get lost through the years. The man who wrote it was born in 1826. The place is Block Island, RI. One of my favorite beaches. Flip flops and sandals are risky to wear walking over the rocks. You need a good strong sneaker or shoe. It’s easy to twist your ankle going over them, but the reward is great. When the water washes over these rocks the colors are highlighted and they are beautiful. Kathy

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