Peculiarities – The Difference a Day Makes


Yesterday was so warm I went outdoors and weeded one of my gardens without a coat or jacket. The only winter apparel I wore was a brimmed hat, and that was to keep the brilliant sun out of my eyes. I’m amazed by the tough arugula still growing. They self-seeded in the Autumn from plants I neglected, and are growing strong.


This is the same patch of arugula today. We are in the beginning stages of a strong Nor’easter.


The bright snow is the perfect foil for the cardinals visiting my yard.


The strong winds ruffle even the most demure little lady-bird’s feathers. I’m glad I’m inside, but I’m sure around noontime, after hours of birds feeding, I will brave the storm and go out to refill the feeders.


14 thoughts on “Peculiarities – The Difference a Day Makes

      1. I am fed up that no one seems to be giving the new president a chance. He faces so many obstructions every moment of his working day. How is he going to get anything done ? It seems like a total chaos situation is being encouraged and that everyone wants the government to fail. I am really disturbed. I prayed and prayed hard for him.

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        1. Susie, I feel the same way. The attacks are ugly, not just on him, but also upon his family. It is so evident he loves and cares for his family, and the attack of anyone upon his family, just because they do not agree with him, is without conscience. I have to turn the television off because I just can’t stand to hear the mess anymore. I am with you. I also pray…I need to pray more. Kathy


    1. Thanks Anne…the same weather here…I’m looking out my window now, on Friday morning, and there is a dusting of snow still on the ground. We didn’t get as much as the weathermen thought we might…it went more to the north and west. The warmth of the day before the storm caused most of the snowfall to melt quickly. I’m grateful.

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