Pots & Pans – Masquerade Cookies


Company was coming, I had no dessert prepared. I knew all my guests enjoy Chocolate Chip Cookies, but I had no chips on hand, and zero inclination to run out to the store. Hmmm…what to do? I opened the pantry and my eye fell upon a snack baggie with some leftover pretzels, and another with about two dozen malted milk ball candy. I grabbed these and using the smooth side of a cooking mallet, crushed them into bits inside the plastic bags.

I mixed up some chocolate chip cookie dough and added my broken pieces of pretzel  and candy, crossing my fingers as I put them in the oven. Oh MY! What a delicious experiment. The pretzels tasted just like salty nuts, and the malted milk balls were amazing. I was so pleased. Even better, the faux nut taste the pretzels created was a great treat for one grandson; he has a peanut allergy and is not able to experience the saltiness of nuts in baked good recipes. I’m wondering now what other bits and pieces I can add to my Masquerade Cookies next time. Any ideas for me???

I used a classic Toll House Chocolate Chip recipe for the basic dough. Original Toll House Chocolate Chip Recipe

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