8 thoughts on “Quote – Sun and Shadow

    1. Yes, I do agree to that wholeheartedly. Surely a servant of God on this earth. There are so many wonderful quotes of his to choose from; I love a new one to me I read of how he thought his dog would be in heaven. So sweet.

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    1. Hi Susie, I have never seen him in person, only on television, and read some of his books, and his wife’s book too. One thing I remember from her book is how people were always realizing he was a famous person, but they thought he was James Arness of the Gunsmoke television show, not Billy Graham. I found that very funny. It’s good to hear from you Susie…we are expecting a N’or Easter to blow through her tomorrow. We are right in the middle of expecting either a large amount, or medium amount of snow. It will all depend on wind for us. Kathy

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  1. A great quote. The Billy Graham Library is a quick walk from the home I grew up in. My mom and I go each Christmas with the kids for carriage rides, animal petting, and the nativity scene. They have a nice little garden tucked off next to the woods where his wife is buried. Very peaceful.

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