Photograph – Brrrrrr….


Definitely a day to stay indoors. We lost electricity for an hour, it’s back on, but I wonder for how long. I’m posting quickly while I still have Internet access. The snow turned to rain as predicted, but it’s changing over once again to ice; I hear it pelting my windows. The wind is turning my pine trees into storm dancers. They move so gracefully in the driving wind. Hopefully our electrical lines will hold and I’ll be back with a post tomorrow.

18 thoughts on “Photograph – Brrrrrr….

  1. I hope your electricity stays on. It seems March is going out like a lion. When the storm passed through North Carolina it brought a lot of wind and the electricity at our house was out for around 8 hours.


  2. Losing electricity, even for a few minutes, always seemed to be the prelude for much worse to come on Long Island. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you’ll stay connected. Meanwhile, we have had snow much of the day with no accumulation. Maybe that’s for the best. *sigh* I love a good snowstorm.

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    1. We stayed connected, although my son and daughter-in-law, just two miles from my house, lost theirs for over 12 hours. They came over with the little ones when the house became very cold, but the electric came back on near bedtime so they went home to sleep.

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