Quick Tip & Pressed Flowers – Pink Leaves or a Baggie, Camera & Notepad with Pencil

I press flowers throughout the year and often create miniature gardens on cardstock to use in the place of overpriced greeting cards. Today, as I was walking, I noticed the Wild Grape leaves were beginning to emerge. The samples in the photo range in size from a quarter to about a dime. They are thick, but press well, and keep their beautiful Spring colors.

I often use the underside of the leaves for my compositions. The pink tints of Spring are deeper on the back, and I love the added texture of the veining.

I found these gems as I took a morning walk around the block today. I wish I had thought ahead and had a small baggie in my pocket. I also would have enjoyed taking a photograph of the tenacious vines in their native setting, and of course, a pencil and notepad would have been great to jot down my thoughts at the moment. I need to keep these things at the ready in the desk near the front door, easy to grab when on the run or starting a walk.

If you press flowers, or want to try, this time of the year is a perfect starting point. Trees are unfurling leaves, maple keys, and other bud-like growth that won’t be found again for a year. Happy Pressing! For more information on pressed flowers click on the title in the category cloud in the right sidebar of this blog.

16 thoughts on “Quick Tip & Pressed Flowers – Pink Leaves or a Baggie, Camera & Notepad with Pencil

  1. The leaves are beautiful, Kathy and as you wrote, so pretty in their spring colors.
    I hope you show us pictures of the cards after you make them.
    Like Anne Mehrling, you need to keep a toy camera in your pocket for all times.
    I was thinking about how many steps you might be unwittingly taking in a day and envying you for all the blessings you have- the small town where you stay, the greenery, nature, a quiet life, great talents, loving people in your life, a calm spirit and a heart to appreciate beauty. I struggle to get 4000 steps a day.

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    1. Hi Susie, I think they pink and green combination makes the leaves beautiful. I never seem to have my camera for what would be terrific photos. One day I will school myself to always pick it up walking or driving. I have only begun walking regularly again. I do ride a bike quite a bit though…even in the winter on a stationary bike. Have a blessed day. Kathy

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        1. Try an art supply store. There is something called Frisket that might work for you. In the past, I would use this, and because the edges would peel up, would use strips of paper or lace, etc., to make a small frame around the edges. I take short cuts now, but this technique really makes an elegant card.

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