Pleasure – Mother’s Day

My daughter-in-law created this amazing ‘Nanny’ shirt for me for Mother’s Day. Do I need to say I LOVE IT? I’m saving it for a special occasion – a family barbecue. She sells through Etsy, and creates custom orders, and has a wide array of beautiful bows, baby items, jewelry, etc. You can reach the shop through this link – BooBooBean LLC, or through the icon located on the right-hand sidebar of this blog.

10 thoughts on “Pleasure – Mother’s Day

  1. Great gift, Kathy. The best gifts are those that are created by the hands and conceived from the heart.
    Kathy, I followed both the links you provided. Does Etsy ship internationally ?

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    1. I think it is up to the individual shop. In the case of BooBooBean LLC, I am sure they do, but it sometimes takes 2-4 weeks for a package to arrive. I recently bought something from a shop in the Ukraine, and although we expected it to take 4 weeks, it arrived in two…so you never really know how long the shipping time will be.

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